My name is Andrea Maria

aka Nidea of the band Grumpyhead


I am a singer/ songwriter, composer, producer, vocalist, guitarist and I play other instruments too.

Music is an expression of who I am. It is my diary, my therapy, my best friend in all times. It is that in which most of myself flows.

HI & welcome to my site!!!

I use this website to re-direct to other sites where you can listen to my music or connect with me and I have some info listed here.

I hope you enjoy it!


Was selected "RUNNER UP" with paid admission to "THE CAMP" International Songwriting Workshop in Innsbruck. Big thanks to Natural Songs,Universal Austria & Sonicbids- It was a great week, I've met many supertalented songwriters from across the globe and we've written a lot of great songs, hope you'll hear many of them soon on the radio.



World Cup 2010 song wins first edition of songwritingcontest Dutch Writers Camp

The song “The Best We Can Be” was chosen as  ‘Best Song’ and was written for the World Cup 2010 (this was the assignment). This track has been produced by Schottish starproducer Bill Padley (Atomic Kitten, Blue, Westlife) and Karen Danzig in cooperation with three new Dutch songwriting talents Andrea Maria and Roeland van Dugteren and Marco Peeters. Finalist Debora Hulskamp was chosen as ‘Best Talent’ of the Dutch Writers Camp.. These results were announced this afternoon during the festive awards ceremony at the Spoon Cinema theater in Amsterdam.

Listen to the winning song “the Best we can be” here

The ten finalists were incredibly enthusiastic about the chance to work together with 8 international top producers to teach them the tricks of the trade. Like the finalists, the international producers were also having a great time.

Upon coming home I wrote on facebook:

I've just come home from the Dutch Writers Camp... called up my friend to tell him what it was like and we ended up talking for 5 hours on the phone! It was simply Awesome! I really flourished in this environment. It's absolutely the right environment for this tiny seed of potential that I am, to grow! Thanks a million!
My fellow finalists are simply amazing; each and every one brought something else to the table: I'm looking forward to spending more time with them soon. Instead of being in the bizz too much,we were in the buzz: I'm still buzzing with creativity. We did get a chance to taste the busy-ness of it all, though...Thanks to all the international guests for sharing their time and themselves with us. And guess what? The best song was chosen: "The Best We Can Be"! Below is a link with more info about the event and final... btw we wrote it: Bill,Karen,Marco,Roeland and me.

 Visit www.dutchwriterscamp for more info about the event (you can also listen to my songs there  - Andrea Maria)

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I was born in 1973. In my student days we used to collect a lot of records, and I often came to the conclusion that many good records are made in that year. So it is a good year to be born in. I have always been into music, one way or the other.


When I was 8, I nagged at my mother, because I wanted to play the guitar. We already had a piano at our home, so it was assumed that I would learn to play the piano. But I just absolutely had to play the guitar! So I got a guitar and I started to play the guitar, and it has been the joy of my life to do so. My guitar teacher was really great and a lot of my enthusiasm for guitar playing comes from her. I started writing songs in my childhood and have continued to do so.


I have been in numerous bands from the age of 16, but I stayed in one band for a long time and it was eventually called Monc. Quite a large number of musicians have at some time played in that band. Some of them are now successful musicians or composers. Either way, in many of them, music still flows in their veins. I was called WahWah-woman and rhythm guitar was my thing. We wrote our own songs.


During my years as a student I met many talented students who were into music as well. We spent many hours and nights together in our own world of music. I really love how music connects. At that time I also really wanted to be a lead singer in a band. So, shortly after that I read an add in the newspaper and it stated exactly what I wanted (!) : triphop meets metal. I was chosen as the lead vocalist and joined Robert in the band Grumpyhead. We were signed by Djax records and released a debut album in 1997. I’ve had a great time with my band, lots of performances and we were “radio-active”. It was a very strange feeling when I heard our song being played on the radio. In our student house someone was yelling my name and I honestly thought she had hurt herself, but it turned out to be our song on the radio! I really enjoyed performing live and it was great that all my fellow students went to many gigs with us. Also my parents and brother went to many of them.



After that, there was a long period in which I seemed silent to the world. Not much happened that was addressed to the public. No more performances, no more playing in bands. I always continued making music; however I kept it to myself and friends due to health issues. I’ve learned a great deal from these challenging years and they absolutely contributed in a very positive way to where I am at right now.


I am very happy to say that my health is now gradually improving and the songs keep coming… music is the way I express myself. It is my diary, my therapy, my best friend. It is that in which most of myself flows. It is starting to reach out again so I am very excited to see what will happen.


Thanks to all my friends and family who have helped me!



I am an ambassador of the Dutch Writers Camp now!!!

Together with the Dutch finalists and the international guests.

Listen to my songs :

Let’s see where this journey will lead me…


May you be happy,